Deltic Preservation Society

Avocet Travel Management are pleased to announce our latest sponsorship news!

In 1961 British Rail introduced some high powered locomotives to run their crack express trains on the East Coast Mainline called “Deltics”.  By 1982 the railways had modernised and had no use for these engines retiring them to the scrapyard.

A few enthusiasts got together to form the Deltic Preservation Society and managed to save not one but 2 of these machines.  Over 30 years later they are still running these and now have a 3rd!

As you can imagine these locomotives need a lot of looking after and must look at their prime but being a society DPS finances are limited.

Avocet Travel Management are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the repaint of one of these iconic locomotives;  number 55009 and named “Alycidon”

Currently she is running in British Rail two tone green (as pictured) but is on its way to Derby for a complete repaint into British Rail Blue.  Completion will be March 2016 where you can see her once again on the mainline running special trains around the UK.

We shall keep you updated on the progress of the repaint.

D9009 Freshfield Bank 17 April 2015 6