We are pleased to present to you a selection of pictures depicting the locomotive that Avocet Travel Management have sponsored the repaint of.

Deltic Preservation Society owned D9009 “Alycidon” has over the past few months undergone a major repaint.  From its worn Two Tone Green livery she is now resplendent in Blue .  Today, together with Chris from our design agents BBR Online we visited RVEL to inspect the work they undertook on behalf of the Deltic Preservation Society.

The pictures depict the work carried out by RVEL.

To see the locomotive up close why not visit the  National Railway Museum, York on Saturday 5th March 2016 where she will be on display among other iconic locomotives (and if you need accommodation or travel tickets to York why not contact us to book these!!)


D9009 RVEL DerbyD9009 bannerHeadboardD9009 at Derby