Embarrassing things we’ve all done while travelling


Speaking slowly to a local only to find English is their first language

Slowly and clearly, you say to the local “por favor, do you know where the bus station eez?” – your hands doing the “driving the bus” motion while you smile and nod. “Yeah, it’s just around the corner” they reply in flawless English, confused. You walk away to avoid any further embarrassment.

Not showering for [insert your number] of days

Maybe the water was cold, or perhaps there was no running water at all. We’ve all resorted to the wet-wipe wash at some point during our travels. And of course, it’s essential to document how many days unwashed you are, if only as a disclaimer for the smell.

Using an English word abroad that means something else entirely

Don’t get romantic about a low-lying “mist” in France – this means “manure” to the locals and could make for some awkward conversation. If you ask for the “bill” in the Netherlands you may be shown somebody’s buttocks. And whatever you do, don’t ask a Norwegian lady to show you where the “bus” is…



Part of an article by Greg Dickinson @Greg_Dickinson