Ascot Races

Did you know that just 5% on British people have been horse racing.  So that’s a staggering 95% of the population that have not!

Horse racing is not just about the gambling, its actually a social day out and believe it or not it need not be an expensive one.  Bring your own picnic and sit on the lawns is the most economic way.  But of course should you want something special then we would suggest going for an hospitality package.

Ascots premium products include The On 5 restaurant.  You own private restaurant with unparalleled views of the whole course.  You will be introduced to some jockeys, are invited to the weigh room, get to stand on the winners podium and have a 3 course fine dinning experience.

Avocet Travel Management association with Ascot has enabled us to negotiate some special rates at this prestigious venue so why not contact us for more information