Air and Rail Charter

Moving a number of people in one go? Have you considered charter an aircraft, helicopter or train? This will give you the exclusive use of your chosen mode of transport and allow you and tailor your travel option.  From welcome, travel schedules and onboard entertainment to dining options.

Aircraft Charter

Your Travel Partner will arrange every aspect of your travel plans  and can source a wide variety of aircraft including private jets, light aircraft and airliners. Regardless of the nature of your business, our know­ledge of the industry as a whole ensures a rapid response to your air charter requests. We can also arrange charters to remote locations. You will have complete flexibility and control over your schedule – you decide the flight times to suit your requirements.

Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter with Avocet Travel

A helicopter charter is a prestigious way of travelling. Able to land almost anywhere, it is a time-saving method of transporting your guests to your chosen venue – whether it’s a VIP or a team-building event, helicopters add fun and convenience to the occasion. Our helicopter charter service caters for transfers across the UK and worldwide.

Rail charter

Rail Charter with Avocet Travel

Private rail charter can be a cost-effective way for your important guests, executive or large groups to travel to venues. Be it a meeting, a conference or just a fun day out, your chartered train can travel from your local station directly to your destination. Both first and standard class carriages are available with a buffet car. And for a ‘Wow’ factor, why not have your tables set with white linen table cloths, fine china tableware and silver cutlery, and serve your guests a five-course dinner (freshly prepared in the on-board kitchen car) accompanied with fine wines?

Multimodal Charters

On occasions, you may need to charter a combination of products, such as chartering a train to the airport to meet your private flight. At your destination, we can arrange hotel bookings, coach or limousine transfers to your hotel or meeting venue, and even your fun events. Your Travel Partner will meet all your requirements for a hassle-free journey.

Once you have confirmed your charter with us, your Travel Partner will assist you with total support and logistics, matching your requirements. We pay great attention to detail, understand the needs for privacy or discretion, and ensure that your journey is seamless and hassle-free.