Air and Rail Charter

Aircraft, helicopter and train chartering is a great way to move a group of people in one go in a cost effective and convenient manner.

Local pick up points are enhanced by the on-board services that go with chartering. Brand your mode of transport from head rests to cutlery, bespoke your menus and entertain your guests during their journey.  There is no limit to what can be achieved and the positive impact this has on your guests.

Choosing the right partner to work with you is essential. Avocet Travel Management have had years of experience in aircraft, helicopter and train chartering offering you the best bespoke service in the industry.

Aircraft Charter

Business Travel

If you have a need to move guests over longer distances in a quick and efficient manner then why not charter your own aircraft. Small executive jets right up to the biggest Airbus A380 aircraft are all available.

Avocet Travel Management’s aircraft chartering arm offers a bespoke service for all aircraft charters. With many years’ experience in the industry we are in a position to offer a bespoke service right from inception, through planning and delivery.

Contact Avocet Travel Management to find out the full range of services available for aircraft chartering

Helicopter Charter

Helicopter Charter with Avocet Travel

A versatile and fun way to travel and enhanced by their ability to land almost anywhere. Helicopters offer the convenience to pick you up from close to your departure point (be this your home, office or even to meet an inbound aircraft) and drop you off in the heart of the action.

Ideal for business people, sporting events, special occasions and sightseeing why not call Avocet Travel Management to find out how helicopters can enhance your travel experience.

Train charter

Rail Charter with Avocet Travel

Train chartering can be a cost effective way of moving a group of guest’s medium to long range. With the convenience of having the ability to stop at most mainline stations getting guests to the train could not be easier.

If you have a need to move up to 600 guests in one go then train chartering would be a suitable option. Business trips to conference, sightseeing to just a day out, trains are an ideal way to get about.

Enhance your experience by offering freshly prepared meals silver served directly to you at your seat. Add branding to your train.  Headrests to cutlery, tickets to itineraries are among the items we can brand, but why not call Avocet Travel Management to find out about the full range of services.  We truly are the train hire experts.

Multimodal Charters

Multimodal Chartering offers a total travel solution for group travel. Coaches to the station, train charter to your destination, transfers to venues all in one package.

Avocet Travel Management are even able to book your group accommodation, arrange for activities, source venues for meetings as well as packaging your transportation requirement together as one package. So why not contact us to find out how we can enhance your event.