Dinh Thanh

Location: Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Telephone: + 84 4 3974 6373
Email: vietnam@avocettm.co.uk

Dinh has been in the travel industry all of his life and is director of Avocet Travel Management in Viet Nam. Based in Ha Noi he is an expert on the Indochina region and has a real passion for photography.

Dinh’s team in Viet Nam looks after our clients whilst they are in Indochina, putting together bespoke tours of the region. His local knowledge is never lost on our clients. More often than not you will find yourself in someone’s house eating breakfast, or walking through the rice terraces with the local farmers. There is never a dull moment when you are with Dinh and his team!

Travelling frequently, Dinh accompanies groups and individual tours around his region and frequently visits the UK. He has developed a taste for a nice single Malt Islay Whisky (taken with a drop of water and not ice!) and loves to learn about the way Westerners live.

Asked what his favourite food is—the immediate answer was “Noodle Soup”, a speciality of Viet Nam—but then went on to say he does enjoy “shaw shaw jays” as well. We think he means sausages!