Sabrina Yeo

Sabrina YeoLocation: Holsworthy, Devon
Telephone: 01409 298010

Having worked in travel for over 15 years I offer a unique travel experience, from a package holiday to a bespoke tour to suit your needs.

I specialise in tailor making a trip to ensure that each and every holiday is one to remember, starting from the minute you make an enquiry to the moment you walk back through your front door feeling relaxed and recharged.

I was initially attracted to the travel business from the fact of loving to travel myself, be it a seaside break in lovely Cornwall or a trip to a far away destination such as Sri Lanka. Holidays make memories that will never fade, and my thought was if I can play a part in creating people’s special memories then that’s what I want to do.

I love my job as every day is different and every enquiry I receive is different, so how could I not love exploring new places in the world and providing a service which will only create happiness?

I like to travel wherever I am lucky enough to go. I never really want to visit a destination twice as we live in a big wide world and I have a large bucket list to fulfil.

One of my most memorable destinations has to be Canada, which we visited for my husband’s 40th birthday with his family—there were ten of us in total, hiring two seven-seater cars and touring the Rocky Mountains. I planned the route and booked accommodation at various different stops, starting in the beautiful Banff, driving the Athabasca Ice route up to Jasper, then heading back to Vancouver via a Wilderness Resort. It was totally amazing, from the scenery to the people we met along the way, the gorgeous accommodation and the bears!!! Oh, the bears—travelling in late May we were lucky enough to see both black bears and grizzlies in abundance.

The best meal I have ever eaten on holiday would have to be Sri Lankan curry. The traditional way to eat it is with your hands: take a small handful of rice and dip into the curry — very messy but very yummy.