Business Travel

Business Travel with Avocet

Available 24/7, your Business Travel Partner provides a single point of contact for all elements of your travel. Should you require any amendments to your itinerary, should you encounter any issue in the journey or if you simply want some leisure time in between your meetings, your Travel Partner will always respond to your queries and provide the required care and solution. We take pride in our ability to provide quick responses: we believe it’s what all our clients deserve.

Avocet Travel Management offers a complete range of services to make your business travel and life as easy as possible so, as well as the usual flight, rail and hotel bookings, transfers and car hire, your Business Travel Partner can arrange:

    • Group travel. Whether it’s a one-off trip or your company has multiple journeys to plan, we negotiate the best group rates and evaluate all options to meet your budget and the quality that you expect. For example, chartering a plane or train might be a cheaper option for your group’s travel.
    • Meetings, incentives, conferences and events. To make your events most effective, your Business Travel Partner will take the time to listen to what you wish to achieve and how you wish to achieve it. They will then propose a plan for your event or meeting, arrange for venues that most closely meet your requirements and the convenience of the attendees, in line with your budget, and provide on-the-day management to take your event seamlessly from concept to execution.
    • Air and rail charter. Moving a number of people in one go? Then why not charter an aircraft, helicopter or train? This will give you the exclusive use of your chosen mode of transport and allow you to brand and tailor every possible aspect of your journey, from welcome, travel schedules and onboard entertainment, to dining options. For more information, please see Air and Rail Charter.
    • Travel expense management. Keeping on top of your travel expenses and compliance with your corporate travel policies or the tax regulations can be complex. We can incorporate your travel and expense policy and bring to your attention any expense which is outside your policy requirements or your budget. Furthermore, we can produce regular reports, based on your requirements, to help you find trends and solutions to your travel expenses.
    • Visa and passport requests. Your Business Travel Partner takes all the hassle out of the visa or passport process, contacting reliable sources to confirm which documents or information are required. While making your travel arrangements, your Travel Partner will always verify your visa and passport requirements, while our technology also allows us to keep track of your visa or passport expiry dates.
    • Meet and assist service. Should you require personal assistance at the airport, our meet and assist service provides dedicated staff to meet you at the airport, platform or car park and help you to the check-in hall and aircraft departure gates. Arriving passengers can be met at the aircraft gate and helped all the way to your onward mode of transportation, which we can happily arrange in order to provide you with a seamless journey.
    • Interpreter service. We recognise that interpreting is a crucial service for organisations operating in an increasingly multicultural global marketplace and society. In any part of the world, we can arrange for interpreter services, sourcing an interpreter whose skills perfectly match your needs in order to help you strike that deal, or to make your journey easier in unknown territories.
    • Concierge service. A luxury hotel, villa or a beautiful chalet in the French Alps, Michelin Star or home-made food, a box at a football club, fishing in the Scottish Highlands, game shooting on a country estate, a night at the theatre, private jets, helicopters, chauffeur-driven cars—whatever your needs, wherever you are staying in the world, Avocet Travel Management can deliver the best concierge services that the UK and the world has to offer.

There are no joining fees or minimum spend requirements when you use Avocet for your business travel arrangements, and you will not be locked into any contract. You may choose to travel once a week, once a month or once a year—our business travel service is impartial and we provide the same high level of service to all our clients.

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