Introducing Crystal, our beloved ex-racing dog who may be small and furry, but she's captured the hearts of our partners and customers alike!

Crystal's adventures take her all across the UK, and she has a special affinity for the picturesque West Country. One place that truly steals her heart is Bude, with its lovely sandy beach—a perfect playground for her to run around on!

When it comes to forests, Crystal's inner squirrel-chaser comes alive! Those pesky creatures may run up trees, but that doesn't stop her from circling around, determined to catch them!

But it's the boats that truly make her tail wag with excitement! The Isle of Wight car ferry holds a special place in her heart. The new boats have an open deck with railings just big enough for her head to poke through. If you're nearby, be careful not to get in her way, or you might experience an unexpected wagging tail collision!

Now, Crystal's true passion lies in chasing trains—she's lightning fast! And let's be honest, she has a preference for the sleek grey ones. They're just far better than the green and red ones, according to her expert opinion!

As for her favourite food? Well, let's just say she answered with an enthusiastic "woof" and a wag of her tail. Some mysteries are meant to remain unsolved!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Crystal as she continues to explore the wonders of the UK!

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