Air, Rail and Coach Charter

Charter operations (air rail, yacht and coach) 

Mention the word charter and you automatically think of a package holiday, but within the industry there is another meaning to the word. 

A charter can also mean the private hire of some form of transport.  The obvious is an aircraft or helicopter but over the years we have become the charter experts in all forms of transportation.  Not only have we fulfilled many aircraft and helicopter charters, but we have also hired whole trains, coaches and luxury yachts.
Chartering gives you a discreet, flexible approach to your transportation needs.  From high flying executives needing a timely travel solution, mass movement of people to a festival, sporting event or conference or for a luxury holiday on board a Super Yacht.  Chartering gives you control of your travel solution.

Choosing the right partner to work with you is essential. Avocet Travel Management have had years of experience in aircraft, helicopter, train, yacht and coach chartering offering you the best bespoke service in the industry.

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